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TECES at 39th MOS in Celje with Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia

15. september 2006, Celje

Click for larger picture (78,0 KB) On 13 September 2006, the 39th International Craft Fair in Celje closed its door. At the exhibition space of the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia /Section of Electronic Engineers in the Hall A, also TECES presented its own activity, activity of its founders and the joint Projects, »TECES-ERDF: Development of Innovative Environment for Computer-Controlled Electric Drive Systems, Actuators and Sensors« and »TEPOS: TECES – Innovative Environment of the Slovenian Industry of Electric Drives«.

Under the auspices of the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia – Section of Electronic Engineers, in a joint exhibition space, the following companies united their promotion activities: the Section of Electronic Engineers of CCS, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences of the University in Maribor, the Jožef Stefan Institute, Innovation Relay Centre of Slovenia, PS Logatec, Miel elektronika Velenje, Eurogrand Ptuj, Šolski center Ptuj, MIC and Šolski center Velenje and TECES, presenting a case of networking among the craft, entrepreneurship and academic-scientific spheres.

The promotion took place under the motto »Lifelong education«. The visit of the exhibition space was more than satisfactory; among others, it was visited also by the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Andrej Vizjak, Chairman of the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia, Mr. Miroslav Klun, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek, a member of the Strategic Council of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Ivo Boskarol, and others. The image material may be seen at: http://www1.ozs.si/~elektroniki/
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